About the project

Osmetry is an original project that promotes a brand new outlook on the geometry of cities and the world, their cultures, symmetry and authenticity. It is the quest for harmony and awe in the commonplace; it is about reliving memories, eagerness to reinvent the moment and, of course, inspiration.

Each of Osmetry's works has its distinct ambience and colourway. Glass and gold; heights and chasms; patterns and clean lines; stones and leaves... These may seem unrelated, almost chaotic, but end up as one: an item of harmony and balance and a piece of interior art.

Each person perceives the world through the prism of their own experience, notices intimate details and elements in the urban environment. "Architecture is the changeless "scenery" in which human life unfolds," said the Italian architect Aldo Rossi. The aggregation of a person's impressions is also the city fragment.

The project aims to uncover the cultural aspects of different countries and reveal the city as a piece of art: Arabic drawings in Samarkand, Korean dragons on Buddhist temples, minimalistic design of modern Japanese buildings, clarity and rigor of German architecture.

Get inspired by OSMETRY

Each Osmetry artwork is available in 30 copies exactly, maintaining its uniqueness and artistic value.

Production technology

Pictures are produced from high-quality materials by plastification under acrylic glass sheets, 3-5 mm thick (depending on the format). Every work is based on a copyrighted photograph taken with professional equipment and preprocessed for print.

Special paper is used to print the image, which is then pressed tight between the acrylic glass and the aluminum base. The acrylic topsheet gives the image additional volume and depth of colour, emphasizing all the right accents on the photograph.

This glass significantly extends the lifespan of the photography as it protects the image from UV light, external stress and resulting deformation, and the impact of its environment.


Each photo image by OSMETRY is available in 30 copies. It makes artworks more affordable than in galleries (the cost is split by total circulation), maintaining its uniqueness and artistic value.

Prices are provided on request. Minimum size: 60 cm * 60 cm. Contact us and we tell you all details.

Price calculation is provided individually.
Contact us and we tell you all details.

How to order

If you have already chosen an OSMETRY, find it in the gallery, fill out the form and we will contact you to discuss size, terms and delivery.

Can't decide? We can help you and provide a visualization with OSMETRY artwork.

Order production: 5-7 days.

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